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Here’s What Every Gardener Needs To Know About Growing Plump, Juicy and Delicious Tomatoes.
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Don’t be Surprised When Your Jealous Neighbors Start Calling You the Tomato-Growing Guru!

Dear Fellow Gardener,

Picture it…

It’s the spring of 1989. We’ve just bought our first home and I have room to plant a garden!! I’ve got my hands in the soil, happily planting my first tomato plants ever.  The smell of fresh-cut grass fills the air. The sun warms my face.

This is a perfect day.  And I have no doubt on this beautiful Saturday that in just a few weeks I will be able to walk to my garden and pick a yummy tomato whenever I want to.

You can just about imagine what I was thinking about that day…

Plucking a ripe tomato from the vine, biting into it like an apple, and letting the juices dribble down my chin. Grilled hamburgers topped with perfect tomato slices.  The oohs and aaahs from friends and neighbors who are impressed (and maybe a little envious) of my tomato garden.

But I got a little ahead of myself.  Because…

Instead of growing a bumper crop of juicy and delicious tomatoes, I ended up with a garden full of weeds and half-dead tomato plants!

Some of the plants just keeled over and died.  I got some fruit –small, brown-spotted, mealy fruit that looked more like something you’d find in a dumpster that’s been sitting in the hot sun for two weeks.  Certainly not appetizing.

Maybe you can relate?

Do your tomatoes always have splits and cracks and brown spots? Maybe some years your crop is great – but the next summer the problems are back again?

Or maybe you’ve never tried growing tomatoes before.  Tell you what, if you do it blindly then I can almost guarantee you’ll end up with the same results as I did with my first garden.

You see, lots of beginning tomato growers think that if you can grow something else – like sweet corn or pumpkins – then growing tomatoes should be a snap.

It’s not. And as I discovered 21 years ago, just because you know how to grow veggies doesn’t mean you can grow tomatoes, too… at least not without a little help!

Back then there weren’t many resources available.  I had to do my research in the library.  But I kept researching, kept experimenting, and every year my tomatoes came out a little better than the year before.

Fast forward to the present time, and now I’m a Certified Master Gardener who grows 150 varieties of tomatoes every summer.

People come from miles around to buy my tomatoes and plants.

I even teach tomato-growing classes locally –many of my students have been growing tomatoes for many years and can’t believe it when they learn how simple it is to protect their tomatoes from disease WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS.

That’s right… People who make their living growing and selling tomatoes pay to learn these gardening secrets… And now for the first time ever, you too can discover how to grow gorgeous, mouthwatering tomatoes!

Introducing the only guide you’ll ever need to grow healthy tomatoes that look great and taste even better,

Listen, this guide is different than the other tomato-growing guides you’ve seen.  That’s because you’ll not only learn HOW to grow tomatoes, you’ll learn the science and the “why” behind what you’re doing.

End result?  You’ll produce incredible tomatoes season after season…

  • Even if the next growing season is different than previous years…
  • Even if you grow different varieties every year…
  • Even if you move across the country to a completely different climate…
  • Even if you’re an absolute beginner…
  • Even if you’ve had poor results in the past…

But don’t take my word for it — see what others have said about this amazing little guide:

“This truly is the only all-in-one guide I need to grow tomatoes.”

“Some people are born with the knack of knowing how to grow things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. My husband has always been the tomato grower in our family while I sat by the sidelines wondering how he did it. With this ebook, The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Great Tomatoes, I now feel that I could actually grow my own tomatoes (without my husband’s help) and be successful at it. I had no idea that there was so much to know about tomatoes and how to grow them. Just reading about all of the different varieties was enlightening.

The ebook is very easy to read and written in a conversational manner. It is nicely formatted and extremely well organized….From the information you need to know before even trying to grow tomatoes all the way to step-by-step instructions for putting your tomato plants or seeds in the ground, this truly is an all-in-one guide.

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own tomatoes or if you already do but need help, this guide will show you how to be successful.”

Jennifer Evans Dunham

“I’ve bought a few different books on growing tomatoes over the years, but none of them had so much helpful information. And it was written in a way that was easy to understand. Thank you guys so much!”

Erika Collins
King City, California

“My husband is impossible to please, and even he loves this guide”

“My husband fancies himself a green thumb, but I think it’s all mainly in his head. I gave him a copy of the tomato growing guide and gave it to him. It took me a while to convince him to read it, but he finally did.

When I asked what he thought, he said it was ‘pretty good’. Holy cow! that’s one of the top compliments my husband ever gives, so the guide has to be amazing. Now can you get him to tell me that my lasagna is that good?”

Esther Jamison
Salisbury, MD

It doesn’t matter — no matter what, you’ll have delicious, home-grown tomatoes gracing your table year after year!  You’ll be the envy of your neighbors.  You might have every tomato-grower in town begging you for your secrets!  You might even get amazing results, just ask Manoj Saragosi of Belmont, New Hampshire:

“I won’t ever plant tomatoes without this guide.”

“Last year was the first time I ever grew tomatoes and things didn’t work out so well. No matter what I did I just couldn’t get them to produce good tomatoes. Since reading your book I now know exactly what I did wrong (planted my tomatoes at the wrong time) and won’t ever again make the same mistakes. Keep up the great work.”

Manoj Saragosi
Belmont, New Hampshire

Pretty exciting, right?  Now just look at what you get when you download this exciting guide today…

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right variety and growing method:

  • You’ll discover the four crucial factors to consider when choosing your tomato variety – because growing perfect tomatoes starts with choosing the right variety!
  • Tomato experts know timing means everything… which is why you’ll get a map that tells you when it is the right time to put your plants in the ground (no more guessing)!
  • Whether you have a container on your patio or enough room to grow plants that creep up 12 foot trellises, you’ll find out which tomato variety is right for you!
  • See page 17 to discover a sneaky trick to beat Mother Nature – never again will you end the summer without tomatoes!
  • Heirloom… hybrids… open pollination – what do all these terms mean?  We’ll define the jargon so you can start planting (and talking) like a pro!
  • Should you start seeds or buy transplants?  See page 30 for the surprising answer!
  • Transplants have a habit of keeling over and dying… UNLESS you follow the five surefire transplant tips on page 31!
  • No more guessing which one is right for you – you’ll learn the pros and cons of growing tomatoes in containers, traditional gardens or raised beds!

You’ll get healthy plants with tomatoes that look like works of art – and they’re unbelievably tasty, too! Whether you're looking for tomatoes that taste sweet, earthy, salty or even acidic, you’ll find out exactly what variety you need to grow your own delicious crop! Hint: Different colors produce different tastes! Plus see page 23 to discover 18 of the most delicious hybrid tomatoes you’ve ever tasted!

You’ll learn the growing secrets that predictably turn out beautiful, delicious tomatoes for you… year after year!

  • Heads Up: You’ll learn two critical things your plants need no matter where you plant them.
  • Plus you’ll discover our surefire growing secrets and tips for raising amazing tomatoes in containers, traditional gardens or raised beds!
  • Tomatoes thrive when the soil is warm – and you’ll discover the optimal temperature for growing the healthiest, juiciest tomatoes!
  • Curious but true: Tomatoes need plenty of sunlight, yet they’re prone to dying a slow and horrible death due to sunburn… unless you use these surefire sunburn-prevention tips on page 39!
  • You’ll find out how deep and how far apart your tomato plants need to be (most beginning gardeners get this wrong)!
  • You’ll find out what most tomato growers don’t know about water, mulch and cages. (Hint: These tips make the difference between you enjoying a bumper crop… or having a memorial service for dead plants!)
  • You’ll learn the 3 major nutrients and 9 micro-nutrients your tomatoes need to survive and thrive – and which fertilizer provides the ideal balance of all these nutrients!

You’ll find out how to protect your tomatoes from harmful pests and killer diseases:

  • Warning: Tomato hornworms, aphids, and cutworms want to DESTROY your plants – I’ll show you how to stop them dead in their tracks!
  • You’ll learn the surprising reason why putting a ‘collar’ on your plants can save your tomato crop!
  • You’ll find out how to protect your fragile tomato plants from blossom-end rot, blossom drop, fruit cracks, sunscald, and catfacing – it’s easier than you think!
  • You’ll learn how to quickly diagnose and treat the most common soil-borne diseases using the included list of symptoms and 13 photos!
  • You’ll learn the two most important things you can do to protect your tomato plants from fungal diseases.
  • You’ll learn what the label VFNTA really means – plus you’ll find out how to make sure your plants aren’t struck down by the other common diseases!
  • See page 52 to learn 6 tips for avoiding soil-borne disease – because this year you’re going to grow a beautiful crop of ripe and juicy tomatoes!
  • You’ll also find out which 8 useful resources every tomato grower ought to know about!

…And more! Whether you want to grow big beefsteak tomatoes, rare heirlooms or exotic hybrids, this guide will show you exactly how to grow healthy, juicy and delicious tomatoes… year after year… without fail!

Just ask Jeff Hanson how easy it is to grow delicious tomatoes:

“Growing tomatoes used to seem like magic to me “

“I’ve tried a few times to grow tomatoes, but I’ve just never been able to do it. I got so desperate that I even tried some of those upside down tomato planters, but even those just died. I figured it was just too difficult, until I read your guide. I can honestly say that I get it now. I could see myself making some of the mistakes you mention and doing so many things wrong. Now I feel like I can do it! Thanks for this easy to understand and totally helpful guide.”

Jeff Hanson
West Plains, Missouri

So let me ask you…

What is this tomato-growing guide worth to you?

By the time you buy tomato plants or seeds, growing containers, fertilizer and everything else you need to grow your own tomatoes, it’s easy to spend at least $50.  And if your plants die (like mine did 21 years ago), that’s fifty bucks you’ll never see again.

So think about this: You can consider this guide as your tomato-growing insurance policy.

See, from now on the money you put into your tomatoes becomes an investment (rather than an expense). And never again will you have to waste money buying those awful, tasteless fruits that pass for tomatoes at the supermarket.

Now, you’re probably thinking that means this guide is going to be at least $50 (and you’ll quickly realize that’s more than a fair price once you see your results).  And while my workshop students have paid top dollar for these same secrets, act today and you’ll get them for just $37 $27.

That’s it.  Just $27 and you’ll get instant access to this tomato-growing guide. Finally, you’ll know how to grow beautiful, delicious tomatoes every season without fail!

buy the how to grow tomatoes guide now

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And if that’s not enough…

Act Now To Get The New Expanded Edition With These Two Free Bonus Chapters!
That’s right, I just added two new chapters to this guide – and if you order today you’ll get the expanded edition of this book for the same price as the original – just $27! Here’s what you get:

Free Bonus Chapter #1
Free Bonus Chapter #1: How to Save Seeds from Your Heirloom Tomatoes

Did you know that certain tomatoes require you to buy new seeds or plants every year?  You’ll find out which ones.  Plus you’ll find out how to save seeds from your heirloom plants – and why this is so important!

Lots of beginning tomato growers think saving seeds is as easy as drying them out.  Do that, and you’re in for a big disappointment next year!  But don’t worry – you’ll get my simple 12-step surefire procedure for saving seeds the right way!

Free Bonus Chapter #2
Free Bonus Chapter #2: How to Start Your Own Plants from Seed

Yes, you too can start your own healthy tomato plants from seeds!  Just follow the five easy steps in this chapter and you’ll have plants to be proud of next season!

But don’t even think of starting plants from seeds until you’ve read this chapter, because over 50% of first-time seed starters lose their seedlings to damping off disease.  Read this and you’ll learn six surprisingly easy ways to avoid losing your seedlings to this fatal disease!

And best of all, you can order now with confidence because…

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Maybe you’re wondering if this guide will help you grow tomatoes in your climate or soil conditions.  It will.  In fact, that’s what makes this guide different than all the others.  See, it not only shows what to do, it also explains the “why.”  And that means you can create great results every year… even when Mother Nature throws you a curve ball!

But don’t take my word for it – order now, because it’s risk free!

That’s right, you can download this guide today and review it for a full 60 days.  If you’re not absolutely satisfied – if you don’t agree that this is the information you need to grow juicy, delicious tomatoes – I’ll refund every penny.

No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no quibbles – guaranteed!

So go ahead and order now, risk free…

money back guarantee

Order Now Below to Avoid Disappointment

By this time you probably already have visions of your own home-grown tomatoes…

Go ahead and imagine it – the aroma of the tomato plants every time you walk by your garden, the sweet taste of a freshly picked tomato, the juice wetting your fingers and running down your chin…

You too can soon enjoy your own homegrown tomatoes, but only if you take this next step.  Simply take out your credit card now and click the payment button below, and you’ll get instant access to “Now That’s What I Call A Tomato! Your Guide To Growing Tomatoes A Master Gardener Would Envy”… including the two free bonus chapters!

So order now…

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Order now to receive instant access to this downloadable PDF file – no waiting and no shipping!
The PDF file is readable on both Macs and PCs, so order now with confidence.

Here’s to you enjoying your own homegrown juicy tomatoes this year!

P.S. If you’d sooner eat the sole of your shoe than bite into another chemical-laden, tasteless tomato from the supermarket, then you need this guide.  Growing delicious tomatoes at home is easy when you know these secrets… so order now! .P.S. People are raving about this tomato-growing guide!  See for yourself:

“I thought I knew how to grow tomatoes – until I read this guide”

“Ok, I admit it. I consider myself a pretty good tomato grower, but I learned so many things about growing tomatoes from your guide that I can’t even tell you. Now I ‘know’ I’m a good tomato grower.”

John Harrison
Griffin, Georgia



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